Ariane M Torres
Jae Anne Marie Dientes
Erul John Ubas
Alvin Yanson
Elmer Haro


Bacolod City Health TB-DOTS Center Patient Management Information System (BHTC-PMIS)  is an offline web-based information system that allows the TB DOTS Center staff to manage various records about TB patients’ personal information, as well as the treatment progress for each TB patient, keep track of the medications dispensed, and generate multiple reports. The researchers identified problems in the current operation of the TB DOTS Center, such as disorganized patient records, a weak scheduling system for a follow-up visit, and poor recording of medications dispensed. Thus, this developmental research was designed with the use of rapid application development (RAD) as project methodology. The researchers conducted several interviews at BHTC and jotted down all the necessary data after the interview. In the design phase, they constructed a system prototype that presents the interfaces of the system and the proper placement of relevant data. Before deploying the system, they presented it to the BHTC staff and gathered some feedback on the system functions and features. They integrated the processes on managing patient records, setting the schedule for a follow-up visit, monitoring treatment progress, geo-tagging of the number of patients per barangay, and efficient generation of reports in the system. For software quality metrics, they used function point analysis to analyze the complexity of 118 user inputs, 30 user outputs, 11 inquiries, 11 logical files, and 1 external interface. In addition, the system passed the software quality metrics on accuracy, completeness, execution efficiency, and generality after the 30 evaluators conducted a software validity test and rated these attributes with a mean score of five. When the system was deployed to the BHTC, the staff have become productive in managing patient records. Moreover, there was an improved and secured follow-up scheduling and treatment monitoring of tuberculosis patients in order to hasten their recovery.



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