Research Agenda


Research Agenda

The research goal of the University of Negros Occidental – Recoletos (UNO-R) is to enrich the existing academic programs and broaden knowledge through functional, ethical research for the authentic good of individuals and society. In line with this goal and the core values of the University, the research undertaking of the Research and Development Office (RDO) is of three-fold components: institutional development, community responsiveness, and evangelization.

Research under institutional development is the lifeblood of the University as it upholds efficiency and excellence by promoting internal growth and by addressing the University’s needs. Thus, the RDO assesses the current policies and practices of the University; determines its strengths, weaknesses, and opportunities; and innovates and formulates appropriate solutions and policies to strengthen the quality of its services and to address institutional problems and needs.

Community responsiveness illustrates the core values of service and community life by responding to the bigger and emerging issues of national and global scale. Through research, RDO commits to advance research and development, fully supportive of and complementary to teaching and community services and responsive to contemporary issues and problems of the University and of the society (RPDO Policies and Guidelines, 2010).

Finally, research under evangelization becomes the tool through which UNO-R, as an educational center, achieves the Augustinian Recollect pedagogical-pastoral objectives. It commits to developing sound and morally healthy students, faculty, and non-teaching personnel to become “scholarly leaders of science who extend the frontiers of knowledge through experimentation and verification bringing about a deeper evaluation of problems that will make them see profoundly the synthesis of faith, reason, culture, and life.”

The RDO Agenda was carefully crafted with the input of the UNO-R administration and the representatives of the colleges and the integrated school consisting of the college deans, department heads, and faculty. It is anchored on the Augustinian Recollect VMGO as well as the 9-Point Agenda of UNO-R and the priority areas identified by the National Higher Education Research Agenda III 2019-2028 of the Commission on Higher Education, Harmonized National Research and Development Agenda of the Department of Science and Technology, Middle Term National Development Plan and AmBisyon 2040 of the National Economic and Development Authority, and Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations Development Programme.

Inspired by the mottoes “One soul and one heart directed towards God” of EDUCAR, the Augustinian Recollect International educational network, and “One mind, one heart, united towards God” of REAP, the RDO has initiated the crafting of the following ‘one-one’ or 11-POINT AGENDA of the UNO-R and the suggested annual themes for UNO-R research studies for the academic years 2019 to 2022.

Code - Research Agenda


Community Outreach, Development, and Evangelization
The University pedagogy requires it to transmit ethical and moral codes and guiding principles that direct the process of education towards the realization of Christ’s love and community service.

ALPS - Research Agenda


Assessment of Learning, Performance, and Services
The University pedagogy requires it to transmit ethical and moral codes and guiding principles that direct the process of education towards the realization of Christ’s love and community service.

WISE - Research Agenda


Weatherproof Innovations for the Sustainability of the Environment
Due to the vulnerability of the environment, it has become a necessity to develop environment-wise individuals by advancing their knowledge and skills that will equip and empower them to engage in innovations geared towards a sustainable environment.

UPDATED - Research Agenda


Upgrading and Development of Applications, Technologies, and Engineering Designs
The University pedagogy requires it to transmit ethical and moral codes and guiding principles that direct the process of education towards the realization of Christ’s love and community service.

FORBES - Research Agenda


Financial Opportunities, Resource Management, Business, and Economic Studies
Citation in Forbes business circle is a mark of success that could be the result of research-based decision making at every step of the business process.

SEARCH - Research Agenda


Studies on Education, Arts, Culture, and Humanities
The search for quality and standards is central to education and education management and documentation of arts, cultural practices, and social phenomena.

HEMA - Research Agenda


Health and Medical Advancements
Diseases are deterrent to sustainable development, for health issues affect public health and other aspects of human life. Thus, studies on the nature of diseases and the innovations towards the treatment of diseases are important research problems.

FARMS - Research Agenda


Food & Agricultural Resource Management Studies
The rising poverty, hunger, and other social problems have brought the demand to prioritize food production, security, and allied fields. Since UNO-R is located in an agricultural area, it is a must to lead and to collaborate with other agencies in studies, proper use and management of our farms.

DIGITAL - Research Agenda


Digital Innovation, Games, Infrastructures, Technologies, Applications, and Libraries
. Today’s electronically driven world has made almost everything digital. Thus, it is imperative for educational institutions to be at the forefront of technological innovations and inventions.

PLEDGE - Research Agenda


Politics, Law Enforcement, Disaster Management, & Governance
UNO-R pledges to contribute to peace and order through research outputs that focus on the various aspects of the criminal justice system, protection from risks, and accountability in government institutions.

RING - Research Agenda


Research on Issues of National and Global Concern
In this global village, any problem of local scope may ring true to the national and global context or vice versa. Studies on issues affecting the entire nation or the international community would be therefore significant.


The Research  and Development Office fulfills UNO-R’s aspiration to be “A Catholic University committed to the integral formation of the human person with passion for excellence and service to the Church and society,” (Memorandum No. 123, Series SY 2016-2016). Read More

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