Online RQuAT to cater to UNO-R research studs

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The RDO will be implementing the online RQuAT in response to the need of the students to fulfill their requirements in their respective research/thesis classes despite the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.

Below is the procedure for the online RQuAT.

Step 1: Register and download the RDO forms at

Step 2: Fill out the online RQuAT form at

Step 3: A confirmation email will be sent to the author containing his/her RCR code.

Step 4: Rename the publishable article to RCR Code_Last Name of Main Author_College (E.g. 1920-001_Dela Cruz_CAS) to

Step 5: After 3 working days, a notification email containing the results will be sent to the author.

Step 6: A certificate indicating that the publishable article had passed the RQuAT will be forwarded to the author’s respective college.

For those who have not yet registered to the RDO’s official website, below is the procedure to request for an account to access the RDO Website and to download the RDO Forms as well.

  1. Log-in to and click the Navigation Bar with the label DOWNLOADS. 
  2. Click the hyperlink ‘here’ to request for an account.
  3. Fill up the form with the necessary information and click SEND.
  4. Wait for the email confirming your subscription and your password.
  5. Go back to and log-in using the password received.
  6. Click DOWNLOADS to find the RDO Forms.

Publishable Article Reminders:

  1. Publishable Article must contain 4,000-7,000 words (excluding the abstract and references).

Introduction – 1500-2500 words

Methodology – 500-1000 words

Results, Discussion and Implications – 1500-2500 words

Conclusion and Recommendations – 500-1000 words

2. There should be at least a total of 35 references cited.

For your concerns, you may contact us through Facebook at


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