Students buzz at RDO for GOT and Turnitin

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Upholding the University’s motto “cradle of excellence,” the students from both the college and senior high school department test their papers through the Grammarly and Turnitin applications at the Research and Development Office (RDO), October 17, 2019.

One of the services offered by the RDO is the Grammar and Originality Test (GOT) spots where the students can run their research manuscripts, specifically their publishable articles, using the Grammarly and Turnitin software. GOT spots have been offered since 2012, to enable the students to access Grammarly, while the use of Turnitin only began last 2018.

GOT can be conducted through software called Grammarly, which proofreads a manuscript’s grammar and detects plagiarism. Meanwhile, Turnitin searches for any trace of similarity in a manuscript and any online material and provides citations when it detects any similarity.

The RDO has set the standard at 90% for grammar, 95% originality, and 15% similarity for institutional research outputs. Thus, the RDO highly encourages the students to test, edit, and proofread their paper using the said online tools to guarantee that each paper is of a good standard, both in grammar and in originality.

The college students enrolled in research courses pay the research fee, the reason why they are prioritized in accessing the Grammarly and Turnitin software.


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