Quality output and service delivery thru RDO-CRC strategic planning

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Research and Development Office (RDO) and the College Research Coordinators (CRC) conducted a Strategic Planning Activity at Balay Batikuing de Patagonia, Silay City, June 29-30.

The activity composed of nine participants, six of which are RDO Staff and Research Coordinators, namely; Dr. Mona Freda Secondes, Mr. Celo Magallanes, Mr. El Jireh Bibangco, Mr. Rue Gustilo, Mr. Nikko Calumpiano, Ms. Ma. Cecilia Mercado, and three RDO Student Assistants.

The group came up with a 5-year Research Agenda which articulates the research directions and research topics of all colleges.

“The Research Agenda will set the priorities and research direction of the University for five years. It shall serve as guide to faculty, personnel, and students in their research pursuits. It has been carefully crafted to be complementary to teaching and community extension, thereby, helping the University to perform its trifocal function as a higher education institution,” Secondes said.

The agenda fall under three main components – Institutional Development, Community Responsiveness, and Evangelization, the latter being a mission of the Order of Augustinian Recollect, is integrated in every UNO-R research output. Inspired by the mottoes “One soul and one heart directed towards God” of EDUCAR, the Augustinian Recollect International educational network, and “One mind, one heart, united towards God” of the Recoletos Augustinian Apostolate of the Philippines (REAP), the RDO crafted a one-one or 11-POINT AGENDA with 11 crosscutting priority disciplinal thrusts.

The research thrusts are as follows: CODE: Community Outreach, Development, and Evangelization; ALPS: Assessment of Learning, Performance, and Services; UPDATED: Upgrading and Development of Applications, Technologies, and Engineering Designs; DIGITAL – Digital Innovation, Games, Infrastructures, Technologies, Applications, and Libraries; FORBES: Financial Opportunities, Resource Management, Business, and Economic Studies; SEARCH: Studies on Education, Arts, Culture, and Humanities; HEMA: Health and Medical Advancements; FARMS: Food & Agricultural Resource Management Studies; PLEDGE: Politics, Law Enforcement, Disaster Management, & Governance; WISE: Weatherproof Innovations for the Sustainability of the Environment; and RING: Research on Issues of National and Global Concern.

Moreover, the plan, calendar of activities, and identification of assignments for Research Coordinators were discussed. Besides the planning, the CRC reported on their respective College Accomplishments for A.Y. 2018-2019. To add, the specific tasks and responsibilities of the CRC were defined and drafted.

On the other hand, the RDO staff and student assistants discussed their major assignments and tasks and drafted their office calendar of activities for the academic year 2019-2020.


The Research Office fulfill UNO-R’s aspiration to be “A Catholic University committed to the integral formation of the human person with passion for excellence and service to the Church and society,” (Memorandum No. 123, Series SY 2016-2016). Read More
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